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how clubhouse started to possibly save founders home

we all see that clubhouse has become one of the newest and popular apps out and around, to date it has entered the silicon valley playing field with millions of users downloading and using the app.

the app which was invite only, is now out of its beta launch and open to all. but the making of such an app has been one that didn't come easiest. clubhouse founder rohan seth was in fact a former google employee and after leaving sought out his partner paul davison to help him raise funds for his daughter, lydia, who has a rare genetic disability. "she wouldn't be able to walk or talk and had signs of seizures from birth".

he began a not-for-profit in her honor, with the aim to help find a cure for her and others living with the condition. after reaching out to partner paul for advice on fundraising, he and his wife jennifer, also a google employee, read research papers one after the other for more insight.

clubhouse came out of being their "one last try"...first they made an app called roll, allowing your cam to share its images with others, and another called "shorts" where your images were shared nearby, and lastly, talkshow, a similar format to what clubhouse is today, it allowed people to somewhat listen in to conversations. all those apps, some which were bought/and or used by other companies is what lead them to the app success today.

you can find more from his personal "medium article" or sign-up to read the original info from "insider"

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