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while creed star michael b. jordan has announced his directorial debut for the third installment of the film, we implore those to take a deep dive into the first rocky remake.

this movie madness monday, we spotlight working actress tessa thompson, who plays as bianca in the original re-make, of rocky. her character,

is an aspiring singer who has to deal with the reality that she is also becoming hard of hearing at the same time. seen as adonis' main point of inspiration and voice of reason, she is trying to find her path as well as be a supportive nurturer to him and his dream.

details of the latest recreation of the classic has not been given out but there are images of recurring cast members who have indicated that they're filming back on set.

casting director, alexa fogel, is taking helm of this years remake that is set to be released for nov. 23 2022.


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