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tf?!| health regardless of wealth

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"why not both? meaning, why not have your health while also saving a dime or two to offset cost & maintain wealth. here are some simple items anyone who is looking to save a buck, can add to their diet to stay at a more optimal health:

consider the following ideas on living a healthier lifestyle on a budget. you’ll discover that a low-cost nutritious lifestyle isn’t out of reach!

eating right doesn’t have to mean eating fancy. incorporating low-cost, healthier foods into your regular cooking is a great place to start. try adding these to your diet:

● canned beans (high in sodium & sugar to off set preservative taste)

● frozen berries (dilutes when thawed out)

● lentils (organic is better)

● canned tuna (high in mercury)

● oats (organic grains help)

these foods are easy to incorporate into recipes you already have, and they can even replace some of your usual bites to eat. For example, you can replace that pastry in the morning with a bowl of oatmeal instead. Even the right seasonings can make a difference in your wellness:

● chives have vitamins a and k

● thyme contains iron, vitamin a, and vitamin k

● garlic is believed to boost immunity and lower blood pressure

another great way to save a nickel is too find added uses to the items you usually dispose of. this way yo u get an extra meal or snack when consuming. making use of orange peels to create a sauce or zest, utilizing the fiber from juiced fruits to make a healthier sweet ball of bruit or pastry, adding broccoli stems to soup or softening & blending them so that they can be used as a gravy.

a disregarded food item that gets a bad rep? corn. we know the sweet veg is discussed as having no nutritional value, when used to create a sweetener but it is a great touch when on the cob, roasted, to add to a meal as a finishing touch or filler.

not only are you cutting down on food waste, you’re saving major bucks by not having to grocery shop as much. Some leftovers will also be good to have for lunch – again, saving you money by not having to buy extra food

when it comes to making dinner and swapping out ingredients, you may discover that the final outcome hardly tastes different. don’t be afraid to try new foods. unfamiliar cuisine could become your favorite if only you give it a chance!

fun fact: a smoothie a day help keeps the doctor away. it can provide a way to get your added vitamins with a great taste & in most areas it is an affordable price allowing you to save time, money & to keep sharp.

if you’re trying to decide between being healthier and saving more money, why not both? use these tips to eat more nutritiously while on a budget, and do what you can to improve your overall wellness and happiness along the way. You can even capitalize on your newfound healthy lifestyle by starting a business promoting the food items you eat.

written by "mart craig"


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