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#moviemagic: legally brilliant?

we gather here today to openly remind everyone how important it is to watch cinema that stems around disability. we do so by showcasing a tvshow, series, movie or project that either has a disabled person in it or has a story line with disability present.

unlike no other random monday, we bring to you "legally blonde" or as we find out in the film, legally brilliant? played by reese witherspoon who is not openly known for a difference per se, she does in fact nail it on the head as a blonde who is not taken seriously and ofcourse overlooked, until one day, and relationship ends, which causes her to make crazy changes in her life that no one believes she can handle, until in fact of course she does.

in this encouraging flick, she deals with love loss, embarrassment, harassment, and she is able to overcome it by winning cases no one ever thought she could. she graduates law school, and helps to pass new laws. we love to see it.

though her character is not disabled, she be-friends someone who temporarily is, and also goes through many trials and tribulations that test her mental sanity.


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