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#moviemonday: strangers more alike?

it's movie monday & where we highlight a series, show, film or play that either features a disabled person/storyline, and/or makes it a point to reference/pinpoint vital disability conversations into their feature.

this week we are discussing, nine strangers, no, not some random strangers from the street, but the cinematic hulu series starring nicole kidman as "dr.marsha."

its very rare that we go a day without wanting to scream “are you not entertained?” or “plot twist” because, y’know, well… life right. well nine strangers dives into a holistic approach to a new dimension and reality for a group of people lured into a treatment center, with hopes of major self and life transformation.

we see, several different stories, of hurt, deceit, lies, come undone, with a lot of raw emotion spewing out …all, lawlessly. this series acts as a guide on the things not to do when taking drugs.

the residents of the center wind up at the will of nicole kidmans character who has successfully, but not without criticism, transformed several lives for the better with her holistic but alternative methods. a protocol that normally allows for a 5 day cleanse and detox before incorporating any other drugs, goes left when the threat of foe enters the chat & seemingly gives nicole a sense of danger. she goes against advice and winds up mixing psychs with the tenants older drugs, and eventually alcohol, along with activities that detox them in the sun, limit food & exposes them to high levels of sulfur, magnesium & other minerals. all of which can be extremely good for a person, if taken properly.

the best part of nine strangers is the unraveling of the family that comes to attend the retreat. spoiler alert we find out that the families trauma is relived when the psychedelics open up a different portal to their loss son who is hurt & upset with their MOTHER for the blatant neglect & disregard. we see how trauma can affect our closes ones thoughts without realizing. the daughter winds up being the catalyst, though she doesnt see him outside of her dreams, they all seem to have a fleeting moment with him after a major overdose released by the camp.

she introduces hypno therapy by opening their mind, relaxing their body & utilizing music while they sleep to get in their dreams & control their mind.

she also suggest that the family find a way to micro dose forever so they can stay connected to other realms that leave the door open/portal open so they can see their son/sibling again. the daughter is in disagreement, but with the guilt weighing heavily on the mother, and the blame causing the father to condemn the mother, the question for them doesnt seem to be, whether they should or not, but how to do it safely, and if it would be worth the hurdle.

this series is riddled with important discussions surrounding mental health, ptsd, body-dysmorphia, insecurities, self-esteem, dream paranoia, sexual desire, social addiction, pain withdrawal, overdose & the misuse of alternative medicines/drugs, like mushrooms, as either the cause or effect.

though it took us a long time to enjoy regina’s character, there is a quick turnaround with her character when she lunges over the breakfast table.

we see people trying to answer questions for other people instead of focusing on themselves, besides regina halls character, "caramel", who makes it a point to emphasize that she was on other drugs before coming, and indicates that she is growing angrier with old emotions surfacing. we find her story to be a bit on the extreme sides, but one of the most important.

the most pivotal portrayal of all seen by the ex football star “tony” who has to go fight his cravings the entire times, showing how pain, the lack of drugs (when your body is use to it) & the effects of lsd can weigh on the body. we know that one trip may take days/ weeks to detox but these guest are getting dosages daily on this retreat. then there are more drugs given to combat the offset of other drugs. so buckle your seat belts when watching this series, it will take you on an emotional ride so much so that they give a warning before each episode.

we suggest everyone take time to watch this. cons, another villain made out to be a figmented blk boy in a hoody, go figure. we seen this with the previous movie discussed. where the supposed asailment was symbolized on a wall as just a figmented blk hoody.

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