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queen of house breaks new grounds?

not only bringing her mothers image with her to the BET award show last year, to give her mother honor & praise, but now by creating low cost housing for those who are in need as a reflection of her own ability to rise beyond certain situations, and give back. queen latifah has broken new ground. queen making it easier for people to stay in the tri-state area, & being honored.

Rise Living is a collaboration between Life Assets Development, Gonsosa, and the BlueSugar Corporation, which was co-founded by Latifah.

"What I want you to understand is that there's love in this city," Latifah continued. "There is love in this community." And it includes the spirit of her late mother, Rita Owens, she said. "Rise is not just 'Rise Living," Latifah emphasized. "Rise is 'Rita is seen everywhere… Rita is still everywhere. There's no way this would be possible if she was not still in the midst of this."

Alberto Goncalves, CEO of Life Assets Development, said developers are thrilled to have secured such an "ideally-located property" with BlueSugar Corp, and they appreciate the confidence that the City of Newark has placed in them.

we are thankful for all who understand the crisis happening rightnow & are looking to remedy the situation. we encourage everyone to let people in, hold open doors, and allow them to stay when needed so we can continue to combat the crisis together. with everyone doing their part it can be overcome. a new complex being built is just the start for the new jersey residents.

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