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raising forgiveness?

a play on words, but its movie monday where we like to highlight a movie, tv show, series, or video that opens the conversation about disability visibility or has placed a disabled person in their project. since holocaust survivors awareness day also known as yom hashoah, we will be highlighting the first film.

simply for the vast differences of telling a compelling story of family, strength & overcoming obstacles & having a great story line as well. both on netflix and both entail disability awareness. firstly by overcoming the mental strife & agony of certain obstacles and secondly may is #mentalhealthawarenessmonthby but also by featuring actors who also assign sas disabled themselves to portray these characters.

a young boy on his own after being targeted since he is a jew, & disabled, finds a way to overcome his obstacles by making a brave choice. rated high on rotten tomatoes, as well as on the wake of yom hashoah, we thought this was a great way to highlight disability awareness and holocaust remembrance.

and an addition to the party: raising dion the series on netflix. the best friend to the lead actor is a young girl who acts as his partner in crime.

sammi haney, not only plays a friend, but she acts as great sound of advice for the young boy who has to learn how to balance a new life, of making decisions of friendship in his everyday life & his powers. while also helping his mother. this is the first time we see a young girl who is in a wheelchair, be a young girl, helping her friend out. seen and glorified as a listening ear, and good person despite her disabilities and being held ina high regard with little mention to her disability. though this is not oing into season 3, we do stan for season 1 & 2 avail now.

check them out!


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