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recap: ...oscars, still so white?

are the oscars, still so white?

too soon? we don’t know, please forgive our bad jokes & don’t attack, like our legendary actor willard smith, who after a being nominated for an oscar, went up onto the stage to defend his wife, who found comedian chris rocks joke, unacceptable. we have this at the height of our oscar 2022 coverage because we have been reminded of the remarks mr. rock had regarding mrs. smiths boycott of the event, when will smith was not nominated for an award for “concussion”in 2016. though many fans AGREED that the film had too many inconsistencies, including his accent, to be nominated, mr. rock took to the stage to say a slew of jaw dropping remarks about the couples outrage. in an effort gone wrong to show the unison between all parties, it seems mr. rock has found himself making another PUBLIC distasteful comment about the lady, Jada pinkette smith. though many do not agree with willard smiths reaction, and somewhat of a delayed response many also have noted that the actress was very open and honest and transparent regarding her recent health issues and battle with alopecia. though rock has come forward about his learning disabilities and has assumed the position of not being aware of how the joke was offensive, many say, a woman’s looks & body should be off limits. we don’t know. but we do know that the biggest reveal of all is that, the show continued without missing a beat, unexpectedly, and will smith still took home the award. we hope for all parties that this situation gets rectified because neither parties should have their careers thrown away due to a lawsuit, or jail time if you're black & it isnt about rape, and/or pedophilia. obviously, circumstances warrant proper responses, but if you want our honest opinions, we’ll go as far to say, IT WAS STAGED. we also think much of that 2016 opening was saved due to the racial inequality he addressed to get everyone's minds off the joke, where as this time around, it was in front of the family being honored at the expense of the family man who portrayed him. at the very least, do comedians get a pass because they are there to take risk and make people laugh? and if so, for how long? cant it be, that sometimes, wrong is right... dependent on the situation? would wil have responded this way if it was a white comedian? while you answer those questions for yourself, we'll move on.

in better news, the starting performance everyone was looking for, by billionaire beyonce went exactly how we would expect it to, GREAT. she enamored and uplifted everyone in the building from her tennis court in a lime green colored theme with an orchestra, dancers, jewelry and formations. we see her with dark skin black actresses standing with beaded braids right next to her! we hear her announce that they are performing in the heart of compton ( a first ever) and we see baby blue doing her thing in the video as well. as usual, filled with decadence and grace we understand why she fought hard to perform away from the stage and instead make a statement by being where king richard and serena and venus williams grew up. a true testament to "making it out the hood" a great way to start the night, seeing as the tennis stars introduced her performance, and can be seen in videos of the carters throughout their careers.

we also see ms. zeglar fire back at the oscars while on the stage to present an award. she does so as a way to stand up and defend herself for not being invited while her film was indeed nominated. after her co-presenter insisted he never thought he would be standing on the stage due to him being from australia, she took it upon herself that she did not even think she would be there a few days prior to the event tonight as a sophisticated comeback.

we were excited to see the looks ofcourse, especially from the bailey twins, because we love to see a sister duo united despite all the comparisons. so take a look at some of the looks below:

winner, TROY, of CODA signs acceptance speech.

Queen Latifah




Rosie Perez

Tom Challet

Nicole Kidman

saniyya sidney


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