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saying hello to biden

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

while honoring the persons with disability act, president joe biden declared that until further notice, he would give people suffering with long co-vid symptoms as disability relief. that may not mean free money for all.

so what does it mean? well, president biden pointed out that long co-vid symptoms present itself in many ways, including joint pain, fogginess and difficulties breathing, so anyone who is proven to not be able to work, or continue their lifestyle as they would have prior to contracting co-vid will be aided to receive the benefits and resources that those who are on disability may have access to as well.

this is due to him acknowledging that there are tremendous negative effects and wanting to be there for people throughout this time. he admitted that there are still some unknowns regarding the pandemics virus. they also gave newer guidelines on how to receive benefits, how to tell if you may be a long haul sufferer and more. the relief comes with "community based organizational aid" and "modifications" at work and school.

don't think a cough will get you out of work though, according to the HHS guidance it states "individualized assessment is necessary to determine whether a person’s long co-vid condition or any of its symptoms substantially limits a major life activity." the health centers and organizations are still trying to understand the recovery phase of co-vid and what that may mean.

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