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special sex... a netflix visual?

netflix has hit us with original jaw breaking content for a long while beginning with their release of orange is the new black, that immediately started a digital uprising we do not yet see a decline in anytime soon.

which brings us to one of their most fun, different and informative cinematic features to date, "special". this netflix series highlights the everyday love trials of a young gay man, ryan' o connell, who is living with cerebral palsy as he navigates love and friendships.

the show is based off of ryan o'connells life, who plays the lead role alongside other disabled artist and premiered it's season 2 on may 2oth of 2021. mr. o' connell is known now for his take on the awkwardness of sex and the candid ways in which he films those scenarios.

he stated to huffington post “I want my show to be known for topping, bottoming, top anxiety, lube ― all those things. I want to take the mystery and shame out of gay sex by depicting it as I’ve experienced it: erotic, humiliating, empowering, funny and intense, all within the same thrust.” no pun intended, we think.

season two will be the last for the show but it was able to bring on disabled actors such as Buck Andrews, who plays an autistic gay man and increase the overall run time an extra 15 minutes.

ryan will be releasing his debut novel, “Just By Looking at Him." along with that is the publishing of a cinematic a adaptation of the book. Meanwhile, he’s also working on the HBO Max series “Accessible,” which takes place at a boarding school for disabled teens.

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