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tf?!| moviemagic: 630 million lives saved and 333million dollars secured

movvviieeee magic, we are channeling the powers and guides that aided those like and thee erin brockovich herself, why? well, we want to win and help people while doing it if possible ofcourse, but on the flip side of things. toast and cheers to the women who are inspirations just by existing. we are more than sure her children are proud of the huge feat she has overcome and how many families lives she was either crucial to saving or helping.

its hard for the average person, but with three children & no man, in a male dominated industry, among giant corporations... we wonder how she had the confidence and audacity.

we don't know but we urge everyone to go watch "erin brockovich". not only do we want a series on the latest pursuits but i am almost certain we want to know what meditations she said to have the strength. though we think she was deserving of so much more, we are even more stoked that the firm kept her on long enough to see it through.

for those of you who are unaware, this film follows a womans guts to glory story of rescuing families from a corrosive environment. its an empowering story of seeing something through. though she had to make adjustments of not going through a traditional trial... she wound up fighting for families who were to sick, sad, hurt confused & more to fight for themselves.

we watch her combat fear, depression, suicide & a breif cold (we know in the grand scheme of things right lol) to saving OVER 500 families from dying by getting them access to cleaner water, better doctors, real lawyers, healthier air all by winning this suit and shedding light on a company that was dangerous.

may the odds ever be our favor like they were hers, but most importantly may the universe keep providing us with the vigilantes we need to help us overcome battles, and keep us out of mere survival mode.


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