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tf?!| #moviemagic: gucci bbrr

movie magic where we highlight any film that features someone who may be part of this disability community, assign as different unique, deformed, disfigured, chronically-ill, alt normative, & their allies, relatives. or we feature a review on a series/tv show short film, clip that brings further awareness to the matters of mental health, stress, depression anxiety & etc.

house of gucci has been extremely quiet since we first saw the carpeted looks at the premiere. after watching this, we think it deserves a louder uproar. with adam driver doing masterful work & lady gaga exceeding expectations, the series set in the rise of the gucci you in through the trials of romance, and the expectations some last names face.

we are surprised to see just how entertaining and eye catching this work is. with a retro look and feel and with strong character ensemble work, we can understand why everyone made this series a big deal.

find it here

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