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tf?!| moviemagic: gullycreeper?

gully, a roc nation film, this movie need to be talked about much more. we are amazed it has not received the accolades it deserves. amazing and astonishing performances by the entire ensemble. each gentleman adds a different value to the cast work, each style is complemented by the other and each performance leaves nothing to ask of the performer. they bring their wit, grit, their expertise, but mostly, we see them lose themselves just enough.

jacob latimore & kelvin harrison surprise with a deep and profound understanding of the characters they are portraying. with a surprise performance from terrence howard its no shocker where these young lads took the reigns from. hard to explain, better as a watch, this piece will give you grave insight as to how it may be to exist differently for a black young man, in a underdeveloped community/society. more than just an urban film but definitely has the makings of being a classic.

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