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tf?!| #moviemagic guy from toronto

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

a witty fun family feature given to us by the comedic legend kevin hart! we see him with his usual comedic timing as he over analyzes, and anxiously tries to get his marriage in order, until an unexpected run in with a hit man and a case of mistaken identity derails his plans to get him and his spouse back on track.

we see body comedy, health comedy throughout the entire film, but most importantly, we are reminded that woody harrelson is an acting force to be taken seriously, because only he can grace a comedy family fun image, with his presence as a middle aged bad guy, and pull it off without making it too cheesy.

we are excited that kevin hart has been taken risk in his acting styles on camera, previously with his movie, fatherhood as he tackles having to take on fatherhood, on his own.

watch here

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