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"late night" if miranda presley were to take a dive? how would you save the journalism empire she has built? this is what "late night" presents to us as a late night host, played by emma thompson & her newly hired comedy writer, played by mindy kaling, figure out a way, to keep their tv show alive and kicking. in this refreshing dramedy, we get a quirky feature that reminds us of, devil wears prada. and we like it.

mindy as a charming, down to earth writer who butts heads with her boss, by coming across a bit too eager, eventually has to leave what she has worked so hard for, behind, due to the unearthing of tongue lashings given out by her media buddies, and boss. upon the realization that changes have to be made though, in order for everyone to stay afloat, ways to mend relationships, write renewed charismatic tales, and ways for new understanding to be built. takes a turn when the boss of latenight tv realizes, the best jokes come from her own reality & insecurities.

worth the watch.

see it here

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