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tf?!| #moviemagic| matilda

love the new take on this matilda character. she is spunky and fearless and we love it. the songs are "giving what it suppose to gave" and most importantly, there is an unnecessary black woman, playing a loving compassionate teacher, that we thoroughly applaud and enjoy, played by lashana lynch.

the insert of different faces, races, befitting so well in this whimsical film, is one to remember because it delivers a classically. giving the vibes of rent, tim burton and madeline combined we see that there is a connection of coming to age not being centered in love and popularity, but instead a coming of age rooted in outgrowing family, through intellect and a desire for more and a need for stability. its not scary. its love. love for onesself. love for identifying the truth about the people around you. love for what the unknown has to offer. we recognize that this was suppose to be a fantastical horror about a young girls plight to fight for freedom in a world that made her feel it was conspiring against her, but instead we found a less scary picture that entailed a dreamy wide eyed beaut that found a way to bend and transform the realities of those around her so that they may help her fight for a better way and a much more safer environment for all. we see a story about unity and love, just not from those we would usually suspect but from those who are more important, the ones who want to be there for her. great revival. matilda tells stories that get a whirlwind response from the universe & afterall, why not? she's worth it, young & with all the potential there is?

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