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directed by rian johnson, we are excited to discuss this film. better late thannever, am i right, but if anyone needed to hear it from us, that it is worth the buy, here is your answer, a resounding yes.

this is one of the best films of 2022, we see janelle monae transform & keep up with all the twist and turns that this movie has to offer. glossed up with witt, comedy, suspense, and ofcourse, a jazz bit of horror, we think this family friendly clip is one to put down in the book of keepsakes for the murder mystery series. where as one would think that there is not much headway to conquer the previous murder films, this film takes the challenge and runs with it.

monae gives her best performance, and though we can sometimes sense the unease in character shifts, it fits the storyline pretty well. any other reason to watch the film? well, kate hudson, looks amazing and we should all gawk at the fact that she continuously gives the younger girls a reason to stay in shape. with the outlandish everything for this film, its a surprise to see that it keeps the audience entertained, thinking and equally at the edge of their seat.

beyond the obvious singer, janelle, we say, we much appreciated the storyline of dave bautistas character alongside edward norton, who as expected, delivers beyond what we can hope for.

easy to see who the covetted pro's of acting are, it is also a great node to ushering acts in of all kind, so they too can begin to build the resume & experience needed. edward being a hard act to follow, fitting those into roles that portray influencers like bautista really adds to the reality of it all. the film clearly surrounding a murder mystery it is also great to see that the film tackles the emotional biases of revenge, classism, & tyranny of a narc.

see it here

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