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tf?!| #moviemagic: traveling road

a sweet film we absolutely fell in love with is, "road less traveled" it follows a young girl who is inspired to wear her late mothers dress that her grandmother is reluctant to give to her once she becomes engaged to her music producer beau.

played by, we see that goes home to reestablish bonds with old friends, get some closure from an old town bf who becomes a town cop, and ofcourse reconciliation with her grandmother over family secrets and trauma they hoped they had overcome.

we love this awkward feel good movie that is a reminder to follow your heart, make amends when you can and to take chances on love. when the possibility for her engagement to get over thrown due to her old fling comes to a peak, we see that understanding & trust lead the way.

a cute film, great family watch, easy to digest. lines delivered well. believable enough..we recommend.

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