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tf?!: #moviemagic: wanna be bestfriends?

we loved the trailer. honestly, who didnt? if the trailer did nothing else it made you want to get a bestfriend, that would not only die for you but, of course, dare we say it, kill for you too?

megan the film bridges the gap of tears and fears. though we must admit that every adult knew how it would end upon the first flicker of humanity within the doll, we say yes to subscribing to a ai dupe of a babysitter, in moments where the guardian may need some alone time.

infact, we outright encourage an ai that can do extra curricular activities, keep an eye on, teach and play with your child on the days where they are missing a friend, feeling left out, need an adult break or having a sibling rivalry.

though the idea is frightening to many, for the obvious reasons, within reason and proper coding we say why not? the morale comes to play a lot in this film, about when enough is enough and ethics of treatment of ai, since there were no laws that had been written discerning how much of the intelligence part of "ai" should be considered in handling and rectifying disputes. we say a bit of water and then problem solved, a disk slip here and then issue fixed, but the film finds a cooler way to allow the fight to happen long enough for us to know that ai can be a thing down the line.

either way, this film is just the family horror flick one needs in a home. filled with vibrant moments, for the kids, and scary moments that make one smirk at how effective the moment can be in disarming the viewer temporarily.

sit in the dark. pop some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch for the proper vibes.


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