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tf?!| moviemagic: what a joy

its that time where we highlight a tvshow, series, short or film that either has a disabled character in it or deals with the topic of disability in some way.

though known for her trilogy, hunger games, jennifer lawrence really shines bright in this film. we think that there is a quick end to this but we also think it is one of the most motivational projects to date.

dealing with a young woman who is frustrated with life and looking to get her invention out there, the film centers around one womans quest to get her cleaning product and mop, into the hands of every lady she can, via paid tv, aka qvc shopping channel.

not only does it chronicle the life of said inventor, it does a great job of showcasing mental breakdowns, sacrifice, family work life balance and relationship balance as egos come into play.

one of the realistic depictions we have seen yet on screen, we are more than here for this.

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