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TF?!: uniquely well off?

Been needing a little pick me up lately? same, whilst the world is happening, some celebs have managed to do more than alright, quietly and discreetly. Though the numbers may be somewhat skewed, just a tiny slight bit, and though we like to mind our business when it comes to other peoples finances, we thought this would generally reignite the motivation in a few.

firstly, always remember, its more about how you see yourself and your own worth, and secondly that you can overcome any stigma, stereotype and foul play.

so, here are some people you may be a tad bit surprised to know are well off. oh and, to see the full list, go give a real good check to buzzfeed

rayven symone: $55 million

former cosby show child star, rayven symone made waves when she did that's so a rayven. a show about a young girl pursuing fashion dreams, while trying to figure out how to deal with her on set psychic abilities. its good to know, that the american actress, is still doing alright, given all her controversy.

singer pynk: $100 Million

the singer who flew through her concert sky, upside down, in a ribbon, has blown us away in a good, way because its great to know that the "you make me sick" singer, from the save the last dance soundtrack, is still thriving in todays climate. guess thats what classic spunk (soul, pop and punk) music gets you.

judge judy: 180 Million

the snarky spicy judge had become a house hold favorite for many. not just the elderly people, but people, young and old, light and dark, and all the between, fell in love with judge judys sarcasm, wit, and frankness. we are glad to know that she will leave a legacy behind for her, toast to long life, peace and blessings.

ed sheeran: $200 Million

one of our most memorable and so far honorable pop romance singers.

mr. atkinson: $150 Million

one of our favorite films to date, mr. a, is well known for his "bean" project. a film that demonstrates how no obstacle can get in your way as long as you're focused. it demonstrates that the universe conspires with us, as long as we continue to purposefully sow seeds of good back into others, and lead with the best intentions for ourselves and those we claim we care for. we are not surprised at hos wealth. though others take away something differently, we channel (while preserving our good energy and feeling) the specific meme of the moment where mr. bean is so focused on whats in his hand that he does not get injured, hurt, harmed not effected by the obstacles and chaos behind him as he walks through traffic, over and on top of trucks with little interruptions.

carrot top: $70 Million

we are a bit surprised by this, seeing as he has overcome so many stigmas and stereotypes, glad to know that he is financially secure. carrot top was once one of the biggest comedic v-jays.

adam sandler: $420 Million

we honestly respect this filmography here. to know that he has produced & written most of his films, we salute the comedy legend for staying true to his comedic heart. Our favorite, of course being "big daddy" where he is left with a kid randomly, to take care, and they end up forming the best relationship. filled with healing, happiness, love, maturity and trust.

celine dion: $800 Million

this iconic powerhouse of a singer is no surprise, not only are her songs classic love ballads, but her most legendary track of all time was a soundtrack to the billion dollar film starring leonardo di caprio titanic. though the film, did leo's character wrong, we are glad to see that it has done celine dion some good. she now has a residency in las vegas.

kevin james: $300 Million

the king of queens comedian comes as a surprise to us too but not quite sure why, after all he is in almost like every single comedy that is made, and well... who hasn't seen mall cop? am i right?



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