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the time is now as tiktok hashtag goes viral

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

as the end of july comes around and also nears the end of "disability pride month", we have a few people on the latest controversial app, tik-tok, who have sky rocketed the hashtag to over thirty million views. with the community trying to bring forth more conversations surrounding disability so that equality and activism can be highlighted and advanced we note that the latest trend has been inclusion.

actress amy purdy, an amputee snowboarder, along with were some of those at the forefront of the conversation. some choosing to educate, others choosing to call out brands, and others aiming to connect, and collab to increase visibility and engagement. clicking on the hashtag you will see nothing but funny sketches and great vibes.

disability pride has been celebrated every july since 1990 in different states all over. it began in 1990 in boston after the disabilities act was signed. part of the conversation has admittedly been about the lack of equality from bigger brands but model and encephalitis survivor inflammation of the brain) lucy dawson emphasized that "now we know which brands not to support in the future" where as stand-up comedian bodhrán mullan educated people on hearing aids and those who are "hard-of-hearing" stating “don’t shout at people wearing hearing aids,” he said. “our hearing has become very sensitive. you’re just being mean.”

we cant wait to see how these trends advance the equality for the disability community.

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