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we shall overcome: celeb edition

we wanted to shout out those who have openly and publicly overcome some mental health issues they were faced with in the past.

below: statements made about their struggles:

janet: admits she once considered suicide after a difficult marriage.

gucci: committed to a mental facility for mental health treatment and an evaluation after stating that he could not “intelligently participate” in a probation hearing.

kehlani: “today, wanted to leave this earth,” it read. “being completely selfish for once. never thought i'd get to such a low point."-Kehlani after a suicide attempt which came after a breakup.

ocho cinco: chad ochocinco said he may have had a mental breakdown after the death of his mom.

fantasia: I think I was just overloaded with everything, with carrying six years of so much," barrino said on the tv show good morning america.

"it just became heavy for me to the point that I just wanted to be away from the noise."

fantasia overdosed on aspirin

jennifer lewis: jenifer lewis overcame sex addiction & bipolar disorder: “you have to love yourself” cues music

mariah carey: mariah carey says she had a lifelong battle with bipolar II which is the less severe form of bipolar disorder and was diagnosed in 2001 but was “in denial” but now in treatment that includes medication and therapy. rumors suggest of possible cutting of arm before being admitted into the hospital.

sanaa lathan: one of the biggest changes in my life is that I meditate every day. four years ago, my best friend died. she got the flu, and four days later she went to the doctor and soon after she was just gone. It was so devastating to me. had a weird kind of ptsd, because she was healthier than me. started getting panic attacks. before that, didn't think they were a real thing. I remember my girlfriend having them, and I was like, "girl, just breathe," you know? "just relax." they wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medication, but was like, "really don't wanna take drugs, that's just not me." i'd had a meditation teacher a couple years before, so she gave me a refresher course. the day that I started transcendental meditation, it was as if I was taking a pill. they went away. so anyway, i meditate twice a day.- sanaa lathan

alicia keys: "for me, a seed of worthlessness was planted in childhood. as well-intentioned as my father was, and as much as he was dealing with in his own life, his absence impacted me in ways I’m still uncovering. it left a hole in me."

"was building my life around this image of perfection and it was really oppressive," she told people. "was clearly a woman who wanted to talk about truth and empowerment and strength, but when I really looked at myself, I realized that my whole life, ive kind of been putting on a mask."- Alicia Keys

lark voorhies: 'saved by the bell's lark voorhies admits that she has schizoaffective Thought disorder.

serena williams: “not only was i accepting some tough personal stuff, but i just was in a funk,” she wrote. “mostly, felt like i was not a good mom.”- serena williams on battling post-partum

dwayne johnson:"the struggle and pain was real. was devastated and depressed," johnson said in an interview with the daily express. "reached a point where i didn't want to do a thing or go anywhere. was crying constantly."

simone biles: “at one point, slept so much because, for me, it was the closest thing to death without harming myself. it was an escape from all of my thoughts, from the world, from what i was dealing with. it was a really dark time,"

diddy: the way my family has been strong has humbled me. they have led me. they brought me out of a state of deep depression. their strength and love brought me back into the light. love my family!!

mary blidge: "think subconsciously, i was like, 'oh can't kill myself now. all these people, somebody's going to come behind me,' because people were too diehard and strong and emotional about this album. so i believe in my subconscious, i was like 'i can't [die] now. i've just got to thug this out. i've got to push through.' and so i just kept pushing and pushing, no matter how hard it got, no matter how ugly it got."

lebron james: "the level of scrutiny that I was dealing with, and how I got out of my comfort zone. lost my love for the game." "started to play the game of basketball at a level or in a mind state that I had never played at before. i mean angry. that's mentally, and that's not the way I play the game of basketball."- Lebron James on 2011 season

naomi osaka: after her first win against serena “yesterday i just woke up and i was really depressed but I don’t know why.” after calling herself “just an okay player,” she confessed, “i’m so sad right now. - naomi osaka

marshall: "marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (bpd). according to mclean, bpd "is a complex mental illness marked by unstable moods, behaviors, and relationships."

this is a reminder to everyday be grateful for the peace of mind, present focus, the centered and grounded thoughts the health and wellness we do have.


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