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movie monday: madeforlove

we may be a bit late about this title, but we're glad we have watched this gem.

made for love is in the spotlight just for today. we find that it not only has some intriguing moments, but it also comes with great wit.

it follows a young girls journey out of a marriage she never thought she would find herself in. plagued with the desire to leave her hometown, she is forced with an option to stay pinned to her controlling husband, who is learning how to be more lenient and realizes he really does love & care for her, verses, going back to an old town that she hardly remembers nor feels for, to have her freedom.

we love the different nuances found in this series, but we also love to highlight real stories, stories of mental health & well being.. and this series is plagued with it. upon finding out that her father is ill, she also is surprised by his love interest after her mothers passing.

watch on hbo

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