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moviemondays: attention on atlanta

its #moviemonday where we like to talk about highlight a special tv film, short or program that either features a disabled person or brings up vital topics along the lines of disability. .

with that, we speak on, season 3 of the fx series #atlanta, which isn't spoken about enough.

though we like to jump right in, and talk on the beautiful portrayal of manic disorders & depressives states that zazzie beats character plays. We firstly want to say, we are so not here for the liam nelson featuring in season 3 for various reasons, but mainly, because black men just allowed a white man to verbally attack black people for a second time, in their face, for a check. sarcasm understood, point comprehended, yet and still, we cant wait until white men start handling their peers appropriately as allies, for the minorities they hired and not as minions. though we understand that liams "apology" was more "sincere" the scene was just written distastefully. with so many other ways to make light of a situation, a replicative statement that further emphasizes the negative intent is counter productive in not only uniting but exemplifying change. we know, we will get slack for highlighting this scene, our founder is aware & says, its alright. #freedomofspeech must go both ways in that case. so if theyre able to state theirs we can state ours. liek they say, some jokes hold truths to them, so its a sad truth to find out that there are people who are okay with mocking the black men, to their face, and that there are black men, who feel obligated to oblige.

leaving the sad news behind, as we continuously honor the amazing acts of lakeith standfeild & zazzie beats in their portrayals of characters who don't have it all together, we tell/ask our readers to go check out the series, if only for the vulnerability displayed within the conversations of two best girl pals.

zazzies character is riveting in how she awakens from a mental spiral that began due to her life changing and feeling a sense of losing herself, and her identity. "candice", who is the characters best friend, runs into her, overseas, and in this weird foreign place, realizes that the "act" her friend is putting on, isn't really an "Act" at all, and instead is in real time watching her friend, forget what matters to her most, like her daughter, and her passions.

the honest conversation that ensues on a park bench, allows for a moment of clarity, but most importantly, the need for a proper friendship, where one feels safe unraveling in front of another, without judgement. candice, cries tears in understanding of her friends mental state, and the healing seemingly slowly starts to begin.

the mental health that has been openly targeted and talked about due to trend film moments, reassures us, how pivitol, pop culture can be in redirecting and reshaping the idea of these conversations, and reducing the stigmas behind this reality.


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