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....pills, pills, pills?

rapper NLE Choppa seems to be highly scrutinized for recent remarks around founding pills for people who want to enlarge their backsides & most recently for stating he wants to develop a product to help short men increase their height.

while in the most recent years he has been an advocate for health, and doing things the dr. sebi way, his likening to the health guru has put him under the spotlight with some harsh criticism.

some have taken to social media to acknowledge that though they may be seen as "different" they do not care to see themselves as having a disorder & often times do not want to change their condition but rather, have people learn about their condition and make the necessary adjustments to respectfully fit them into society.

in his most recent post where he stated he wanted to find a cure for autism, the back lash came quick on on other blog sites commentary as many people chose to remind the star that they did not want, nor need a cure. neither for their height nor any other conditions.

while we are in agreement that people have a right to decide if they find their respective disorder limiting and if they want to be seen as disabled. we did also think, how things like, growth pills could actually work (after all we are inspired by science on a daily here).

while we hear of things like collagen and others products regenerating cells, we do believe it would be harder to trigger a dna mutation along with a cell reproduction process to enhance a general growth. to pull this off you would have to think about the fibers in the muscles tearing all over, cartilage building up drastically without hardening, &organ shifting, all being targeted at the same time for specific areas of that to happen. while its fun to think of and explore, it would probably be more dangerous than.

hats off to those who are actually autistic and those who identify as a dwarf, for embracing their lifes journey. we have found research that links a vegan diet to assisting the motor skills and mental stimuli of those who have been diagnosed with autism. foods rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium seem to be the greatest help to cognitive function along with herbs for anxiety.

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