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tf?!| sonicsounds: lies about the raw

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

starring jacob banks the tall blues brother that we all should get familiar with. we took our time with this one. its safe to say, to love his voice is to hear well, but to cherish his music is to see better.

with songs like “parachute” and songs like “aim for my head” the album is filled with poetic witty references that seek to make sense of the two hottest topics of time; that is love & religion or knowledge of oneself. listeners can anticipate hearing Shakespeare lines that are reminiscent of “romeo where for art thou romeo” while pondering if we may have knocked our nose to spite our face.

mr.cobbie aka mister similar

we like to give our quick abstract ideas on meanings, afterall…. art right? so here are a few of our interpretations we can playfully leave you with. the tracks that are laced with folklore, strums and groove.. our favorite take aways were:

aim for my head: hey. so here we have it. an internal war about his love. his mind being a personal sanctuary & haven where he and this person can dwell but when times of stress or fued come into play he has to remind himself that his house is his home and any thing destroying his peace of mind cant stay too long because it conflicts and he may lose himself.

where lies about the war are ballads regarding the war of self, religious folklore of rifts and finding a love that is forever, aim for my head questions the idea of sanity and separation from mind body and spirit. the catch phrase being "my body is my temple" we hear jacob talk to himself as many of us do, scared of the ramifications of unhealthy habits and the need to be free of tragic thoughts and memories. he is contemplating letting a particular thought go as it is causing rift. lines like "take from my lips" are said as a means of him asking himself to hear his voice and words. lose you and find you in someone else can mean to let go of a person, idea, lesson and yet find its influence in another... "off the ledge," being un hinged.

wont turn back: we believe this level of commit should be rewarded. there is a slow start to this song, but there is a level of vulnerability in his language of love, hidden between the balance of art & reality. we hear him croon about the idea of being married and being all in.

bang: we love the idea of two artistic geniuses getting on a track to boldly praise their lover. we believe the subtle flowing of this song is about dating life. metaphorically complimenting his lady on being beautiful, but also mesmerizing enough to be the big bang theory that ignited life, a scientist in how he hypothesizes how her beauty can cause occurrences of life changing activities and presence.

parachute: the idea of losing oneself in love can be daunting. the idea of being too scared too fall in love so at every turn, you pull back and run away as though a parachute could slow the process and give you an easier landing, in this song mister banks shares that for him, he is accepting a fate of death if love becomes a crash landing for him because he has taken a plunge.

the man who never changed: we believe this is a masterful mind of how to eloquently talk about the troubles and fears associated with aging. being afraid to lose your wit, and senses about you, we hear a man who wishes to avoid the process of growing old in hopes of staying young and being in sound mind. encouraging words fused together to keep the mind sharp, pressures of staying present for a loved one and trying to be their best and original selves though life has ultimately changed them.

“the album is a greater tragedy than romeo and juliet ever was,” but in the most beautiful & most articulate and endearing of ways. a forever fave. <3

find his album here

fave songs from him that need more attn & some of his renditions: love me in the name of love mexico (reminiscent of once upon a time in mexico), cant wait (peep the sample), keeps me going (love to hear him sing in his accent more & more), knockin'

m c


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