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"finding you" is our next movie of discussion. we love the wit the quirkiness but really that it is a film base din ireland that doesn't see to force any of the stereotypical , fables onto the audience. filled with magic in its subtly we like that we can feel the aura of ireland without feeling like every aspect of it mysticism is shoved down our throats.

we all know the saying, luck of the irish, well in many times, out of fear, people would rather judge irish people & project onto them, in disdain out of spite and envy due to them leading the charge in finding goal, escaping famine and making a way for one another. with history as rich as the landscapes it has, its no wonder this film does an amazing job at conveying the history of ireland through its storyline.

a storyline akin to save the last dance, no strings attached & luck of the irish, the most memorable scene comes from the rose reid, vanessa redgrave in the nursing home doubling as a hospice. we learn what it means to establish and build trust between generations, what it means to learn the truths about certain myths, and learn about the weird scarifices and ways people choose to show love, with a cute storyline twiset at the end between these two chatacters and their supporting.


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