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tf?!| #moviemagic | tiffanysomething

this witty funny and easy going flick is great to begin the new year festivities.

the festivities being, new love, new life and thriving businesses. this flick stars kendrick sampson, and zoey deutch with a not so casual appearance from gossip girls very own, shay mitchell. we love to see it.

this film is set in nyc, where two separate lovers, find themselves holding onto unrequited love from and for their partners, while forcing new strides, though their hearts are still intertwined in the past.

zoey deutch, plays a small shop baker hoping to illicit new desires in her beau, while kendrick plays a lover whose late wife, makes it hard for him to settle for another, where he has a lady, that wants different things, it seems, unexpectedly after an accident, the baker and he make a weird friendship that infuses a new profound hope and energy for the future. worth the watch, a family pick!

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