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we are highlighting a specific person who has entertained, inspired, honored and/or touched many people while here on this journey of life.

today we highlight micheal k williams, for his entrepreneurial endeavors, his acting achievements, as well as his ability to shape shift his life and persona.

starting out as a young buck who was riddled with anger, using drugs to self harm as well as being a man of the prison system, we send applause to the characters he has portrayed while sharing his time here on earth. getting involved in the irvington church after his personal battles, due to a friend and reverend, of christian love church, seen he was unwell.

his most notable roles being that of boardwalk empire, and the wire, where he starred as omar little. despite the name, the portrayal left one of the biggest impacts on viewers, making him a house hold name.

his later accomplishments is that of hosting the vice programming. the show followed the lives of different people who either tried infamous things, or lived unusual infamous ways. often times following those who committed crimes, followed gangs, ran drug cartels and/or used drugs but turned or was in the process of turning their life around. they would discover and uncover the truths, myths and combat the stereotypes of stories that he was most inspired by but ultimately that he felt the youth could listen to. vice was like a structured showing of him going undercover and being a participant, if only temporary as to gain trust but also tell the underlying truths of the not so glam or fun things.

hailing from brooklyn, his courageous and explorative artistry is what many people loved about his nature. always being transparent about his struggles, younger guys genuinely felt safe by his side. as he matured, they did too. the show talked about mental health, highlighted different ailing disabilities as well as fought the stigmas of living in impoverished liked places, or unspoken territories, shining light on things and people, sometime unheard for.

michael k williams passed away, due to drug overdose. there has become an uproar of passings occurring due to fentanyl, so we thought to share his works as to honor his legacy again. the anniversary of his passing is sep 6 and though he had no children of his own and was not married, the relationship he built nyc traveling personal chef karim anderson, was part of the legacy he left behind as he, was seen as a father figure to him.

he left with a strong brotherhood, to uphold his legacy.

you can watch vice live interview about his latest movie and works here

or tune into hulu for episodes of boardwalk, wire, blk market & more.

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