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Updated: Jan 21, 2023

honestly this movie is a reminder that family is sometimes so overrated. the idea of forcing someone into the narrative, job title, lover and life that others want instead of those they will for themselves is frankly annoying. this entire film is funny and makes you smile, but leads with a anxious quirky energy that feels unsettled and forced.

the idea of not being able to say no, the idea of not being able to disappoint the entirety of not being able to be upfront and honest just seems so young. so we offer that you watch this with the kids, for laughs and for love.

they picked the right actors for this film though, we couldnt see the perfect balance of quirk and finesse and pageant beauty like emma roberts as margot and thomas mann as griffin. honorable mention lewis tan as kip, and madelaine petsche as clementine.

love that the film does try to root the story line in a bit of pessimism and reality so that it makes the digestion of the magic go down easier...

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