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tf?!| #moviemagic | babylon

this film finds an excellence balance of fun, wit and freedom for those who aim to find a dream, and latch onto it. we see that there are people who love telling the story, making the story, living the story.. and those who just embody all dimensions of it. we watch as life imitates art and as the creators of art, make wonder of how to re-frame and control and connect to those who devour it. margot plays a woman seeking fame and notoriety through acting & diego wants a new life that he hopes, being on a film set can spark. a story of love and lost but mainly of chasing the sensationalism of it all. diego is masterful in this film and brads character is set as a necessary reminder.

we watch a young actress and actor come together happenstance and fall in love in a bizarre twist of events that bring them back together after it is all said and done. trying not to get lost in the sauce, we have people show exactly why and how character flaws make humans so much more beautiful. we see sadness, gore and conflict; in way we did not think we could digest them. we think we see and understand time and art until we get to the end of this sequence and realize the cyclic of it all, and how art always brings us back to the other-worldly feeling of love, instilling emotions we always hope to forget.

spoiler alert: somebody dies we mention that, because it brings everything home.. the last scenes make more sense with that. honorable mention, tobey macguire who never fails in his character work.

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