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tf?! | #moviemagic: from scratch

zoe saldana making strides again as avatar hits the screen with massive controversy! but in this series, which we can find on netflix, we see a more normalized version of her acting being presented. one transfixed on the interpersonal relationship between her, and her italian lover, lino, played by Euguene Mastrandrea, who is trying to find their way in life and make it work as a new american chef. though we have seen zoe saldana like this before in films alongside the notable ashton kutcher, this series is reminiscent of hitch and love julia & julia mixed together that give it a zest and flavor of more romanticism

we have been excited to see screenings that show interracial relationships more, but the ones that root in different cultures and religions mostly. slower paced dialogue that gives an honest representation of the speed on dating. we feel the angst and tenderness in one.

we see a quick insight on the hurdles of language barrier, learning differences as well as judgement from those who are the same as you but different. this series takes a turn that locks you in to the love the two has built and the hardships they have overcome.

we see zoe in a way we have yet to see the actress before, its a raw, honest and emotional portrayal of the realities of life & its hardships. series left us captivated and in awe of how lovingly the film portrayed hurt. eugene leaves his mark on everyone who watches.

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