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"women talking", directed by sarah polley & exec produced by brad pitt based off of, canadian miriam toews' novel. starring, claire foy as salome friesen, Jessie Buckley as Mariche Loewen, Rooney Mara as Ona Friesen, Frances McDormand as Scarface, Ben Whishaw as August Epp, Michelle McLeod as Mejal as Judith Ivey as Agata as Sheila McCarthy as greta.

this poignant film around women finding their voice is one to remember. strikingly beautiful edits, angles but most important vulnerable moments illuminate the screen constantly drawing you into a pain and plight we may forget that some lesser talked about societies may face. we loved every bit of this film, as we find ourselves going on a life shattering journey mentally with each character as they try to reform their identity around events that have forever changed them. what happens when your safe haven becomes your torment, hopefully we wont have to find out but we encourage people to watch this film in its entirety.

questions to ponder, quotes to remember and open transformative performances from each cast. we follow as a younger gentlemen makes realizations of a womans real inner dialogue after he tries to find his own space among the boys though outcast for being different from them. a tale of sisterhood, religion and identity tied up in one.

is it worth the watch? yes. worth the discussion? yes. worth the time & watch, ofcourse. honorable mention, august winter as melvin. much needed as we begin the conversation on how self - identifying as a different gender from the one assigned at birth while in a place/ town of worship can make a person be less of themselves, with little outlets.

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